February 13, 2017

More Tokyo Disney Sea From the Air

From the sand to the sea. Tokyo Disney Sea, that is! It is the Disney park that sets the standard for everything after it. Boasting absolutely beautiful landscapes anywhere a guest looks, this lovely and groundbreaking park the pinnacle of Imagineering art come to life. Peter Ellenshaw's concept art of Mermaid Lagoon sparkles in the afternoon light, perhaps the "golden hour" right before sunset. It's also a businessman's dream, bringing in guests by the millions with numbers almost as high as that of Tokyo Disneyland next door. Quite an accomplishment!

The attraction list is short an "E Ticket" here in this particular land, but the stunningly stellar environment both outside and under the sea has been drawing in guests of all ages from the start. Perhaps you can see why.

(Art copyright The Walt Disney Company.)

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