February 7, 2017

Tokyo Disney Here I Come...Hopefully!

Mark's post about Tom & Sarah Bricker's trip report to Tokyo Disney reminded me that I'm hoping to travel to that very same place this winter! TDL puts up their Christmas decorations in the first week of November, so I'm hoping to Disneysea gussied up with boughs of holly and tinsel.

One thing that really sets Japan apart from their USA counterparts (and there are quite a few) is the strong emphasis on unique merchandise. It's no secret that park products are often found in both Disneyland and WDW, negating any feeling that you're purchasing something unique and exclusive. I think I've seen the same generic labeling/packaging for candy in the last 84 years (okay, a bit of an exaggeration, but you get the idea).

The strategy is polar opposite in TDL and TDS. Package design and artwork are created exclusively for seasonal periods and the quality and quantity of products made available are astronomical. The photo at the top of the post is the box cover for some type of chocolate biscuit I purchased at Disneysea back in 2008 (the artwork image is of a level normally reserved for limited edition giclee prints). I clearly remember being overwhelmed by the variety of assorted tins and boxes containing these delicate sweet treats. In Japan, giving presents or "omiyage" to family and friends is a time honored tradition. My brain went into overload, and I began grabbing armfuls of cookies and candies only to be reminded by my wife about getting all these goodies back to Hawaii. Reality set in and I sheepishly began putting things back on the shelf.

Another area I wish the western parks would emulate is the prolific abundance of books and magazines dedicated solely to the Disney parks. Like the rest of the merchandising agenda, there seems to be an endless sea of publications that target every aspect of the Tokyo resorts. The quality of photography, printing, and paper are second to none. Can you imagine if we had this same type of selection focused on WDW (imagine specific books covering Epcot, Animal Kingdom, etc)?

With any luck and God's will, I'll be facing a similar dilemma of what to bring back to the states come November!

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Mark said...

It will be a trip report I can't wait to read! And I'll be insanely jealous- and happy for you!