February 10, 2017

The DCA Disaster of Guardians of the Galaxy

Even this incredible photograph by the always great Mint Crocodile at the Magic Eye blog can hide the truth: This transformation from Twilight Zone Tower of Terror to Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout is just plain ugly and out of place. 

While the Disney suits were cautious about adding Star Wars Land and not ruining sight lines, care was clearly thrown out the window here. When it came time to add this Marvel based Chris Pratt and company attraction to Disneyland's sister park, did anyone on the payroll mention how awful this was?

I'm sure Joe Rohde's hands are tied- after all the man is known for his work on the beautiful Animal Kingdom! But then again, he had to compromise by adding Dinorama and making it sound as if it fit in. This is no different.

Could we be going back to a really bad case of Bargain Basement Imagineering  for California Adventure? Sure seems like it!


juneaubiscuits said...

I'm a big Marvel (and comic book) fan, but this is clearly a bad idea driven by financial reasoning.

Mark said...