June 29, 2019

Disneyland Executives Running Scared - and Back to Fan Favorites

The return of the Main Street Electrical Parade for Summer 2019 only proves that executives of the original Magic Kingdom are terrified of a soft summer. Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge is not bringing in the crowds they want for a variety of reasons. Changing blackout dates? Step One. Special deals for annual passport holders and their guests was Step Two. Opening up the land with no restrictions? Absolutely. There are so many quick changes being done to save the Summer, that I'm forgetting what order it all came in. 

Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run (Star Tours 3.0?) and Oga's Cantina are not enough of a draw to bring folks in. It's up to the Rise of the Resistance to draw them. The real "E Ticket" of the expansion. The main reason for redoing the Rivers of America.

Where have we seen this panic before? The solid flop of California Adventure 1.0- the return of the parade, some quick, cheap, additions, and an announcement of the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror to make things right. 

What will they do this time?

(Photograph copyright The Walt Disney Company.)

June 28, 2019

More Disneyland Paris to be Found in Denver

Back about two years ago, I posted some beautiful photos showing an unexpected connection between Denver and Disneyland Paris. This garden structure was originally built for EuroDisney’s Main Street. Well, we just returned from the Denver Botanical Gardens, and I had to take a look at it again with a summertime atmosphere. 

It wasn't as enchanting as during the winter, but it was still pretty sweet. Reminded me of Walt Disney World and the Magic Kingdom favorite, The Crystal Palace- but on a much smaller scale.

The original blog story and the beautiful wintertime pics can be found on my post here

(Photographs copyright Mark Taft.)

June 27, 2019

Breaking Free

In a time and season such as this, it feels right and necessary to talk about forgiveness. Unfortunately, the human condition fights against actually forgiving each other. Yet, to not choose forgiveness is to put ourselves in a prison of our own making. One we cannot break out of unless God intervenes on our behalf as we choose to step out in faith.

Choosing forgiveness is one of the most difficult things anyone can do. Sometimes, it is a constant choice, one we make daily. Maybe you are just like me. The slightest hardened thought toward those who have offended me, the least twinge when I remember the past without having hope for a new future, and I find myself thinking I am back at square one in being free. But the truth is, forgiveness is a major work from God that takes more time than we'd like.  

Let me say this clearly: Forgiveness does not mean allowing someone back into our lives. Sometimes that is not desired or even possible or safe. The loss of relationship can be a natural and necessary consequence of doing wrong.

If I'm hurt, how can I be free? Certainly, if I only look at the end result, it may utterly and totally impossible to be released from the pain. It always takes time. Nothing good happens without process.

I've been thinking about Jesus and his life and earth, the sacrifice of it all, being God in the flesh, choosing to give up heaven in order to redeem man, and what it cost Him to do so: death on a cross. A death without dignity, instead one of shame. One that took the very power of God to accomplish.

His life was filled with seeming contradictions. Accessible to children but strong enough to confront those who offended the name of God by their lives and words and actions. Willing to let a friend die to the scorn and disappointment of the dead man's siblings but powerful enough to raise him from the dead. Bold and blunt as John the Baptist proclaiming repentance to the masses, not always patient with those who followed him. All done by the power of God.

Jesus was willing to change water to the finest of wines to aid in a wedding celebration. (Love that part of Him!) And willing to ask the Father to forgive those who cruficied Him on two wooden logs while these same executioners slandered the very One who laid down his life for them. Again, by the power of God. Interesting that forgiveness was the last thing He did on the cross, and it was probably the hardest.

There it is: it is by the very power of God Himself that we choose forgiveness and let God do his work in us to accomplish it. The process and end result is His work; the obedience to want to forgive, asking Him for strength to walk in it- and be sensitive and honest when we struggle to be free- belongs to us. His work, our obedience. Like all of life, we cannot do it without Him. It's prideful and foolish to think we can, and it's very unwise and ungodly to live in bitterness and hatred but so easy to do.

Jesus' own words speak of the importance of forgiveness and why we must do so. Look at Matthew chapter 18:  “For this reason, the kingdom of heaven is like a king who wanted to settle accounts with his slaves.  As he began settling his accounts, a man who owed ten thousand talents was brought to him.  Because he was not able to repay it, the lord ordered him to be sold, along with his wife, children, and whatever he possessed, and repayment to be made.  Then the slave threw himself to the ground before him, saying, ‘Be patient with me, and I will repay you everything.’  The lord had compassion on that slave and released him, and forgave him the debt.  After he went out, that same slave found one of his fellow slaves who owed him one hundred silver coins. So he grabbed him by the throat and started to choke him, saying, ‘Pay back what you owe me!’  Then his fellow slave threw himself down and begged him, ‘Be patient with me, and I will repay you.’  But he refused. Instead, he went out and threw him in prison until he repaid the debt.  When his fellow slaves saw what had happened, they were very upset and went and told their lord everything that had taken place.  Then his lord called the first slave and said to him, ‘Evil slave! I forgave you all that debt because you begged me!  Should you not have shown mercy to your fellow slave, just as I showed it to you?’  And in anger his lord turned him over to the prison guards to torture him until he repaid all he owed.  So also my heavenly Father will do to you, if each of you does not forgive your brother from your heart.”

Help us, help me, Heavenly Father, to rest in your love and to trust in your work to help me to forgive. I want to, but I cannot do it on my own. Set me free from the prison others have created within me by their words and actions and my response to them.

June 26, 2019

Magic Kingdom's Changing Skyline

In an exciting season of change, some good and some not so good, the skyline of Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom is changing. And you don't have to be at the top of the Contemporary Resort to see it. Space Mountain will soon be joined by a version on Shanghai Disneyland's Tron Light Cycle Power Run. Here's an older, great photo showing both the futuristic resort and the iconic mountain from the side of Bay Lake. Enjoy the view!

(Photograph copyright The Walt Disney Company.)

June 24, 2019

Design Detail: Disneyland Paris' Main Street U.S.A.

Great design detail is often realized by what you don't see at first but notice upon closer inspection. When this occurs, the impact on the guest experience is subtle and richly rewarding. Disney Imagineers, when given the time and money to rightly work, are masters of the craft. Disneyland is California is chock full of these details, but newer parks such as Tokyo Disneysea and Disneyland Paris are also excellent examples. 

My photograph below may not be a wonderful shot defining the art of photography, but it does make a great example of how a myriad of details make an overall impression. (Make the image larger to see all of it.)

Not just an ordinary forgotten side street!

The trash cans in the foreground, the building architecture of the individual shops in the background, and everything in between (signage, seating areas, lamp posts, and even those seasonal Christmas decorations) work together to enhance and complete the overall experience. 

Imagineer Tony Baxter built a team of first class, experienced Imagineers to make this park a work of art. Eddie Sotto is to be commended for making the requisite Main Street U.S.A. as something more than just the gateway to the other themed lands. 

Love Herb Ryman's work!

I decided to add two "bonus" pieces to this article as they further strengthen my points. Directly above is a piece of concept art by Herb Ryman, and at the very top, the new Disneyland Paris "Fun Map" that was released several weeks ago. Each display the incredible amount of care to design detail in two very different styles. 

In an era where true Disney works of theme park art (Pandora, Cars Land, Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge) are intermingled with cheap disasters of design (Pixar Pier, the Guardians of the Galaxy coaster building in Epcot), it's good to be reminded of great design that can still take place when viewed from any angle. It's in rich abundance in Disney's first French theme park. Go see it for yourself!

( Art copyright the Walt Disney Company.)

June 21, 2019

The Grandest of Canyons

How long has it been since I visited here? I don't want to even venture a guess, but to just say that life got in the way. Since the last post about my Tokyo Disney trip (which I hope to finish one day), I've lost my mom and Juneau (my husky dog)...two incredibly important parts of my life. I'll maybe write more about it, but that's for another time. 

I don't want my first post back being a downer, so what better way to return than with another trip report? My wife Sue and I were blessed to finally visit the Grand Canyon in Arizona a couple of weeks ago. GC has been a bucket list destination for me ever since I saw the diorama inside the tunnel of the Disneyland train ride (see how I was able to get a Disney park into this post...LOL) back as a child. That view of the canyon with animals, foreboding weather, and light effects mesmerized me almost as much as the dinosaur scenes. I was bummed the train was closed on my last visit due to incoming Star Wars, but a journey to the real thing was a revelation!

No disrespect to the Imagineers, but the real GC is beyond magic! You truly sense a creative and intelligent hand involved behind this magnificent vista.

We flew out of Hawaii on a Friday evening, catching the red eye which landed early morning in Las Vegas. After an obligatory stop at In-N-Out, we drove the 3 1/2 hours to the canyon. Being an island born boy, I really enjoyed the drive, soaking in the southwest scenery that seemed to pop right out of Pixar's Cars. 

The first three days were spent on the South Rim...the more popular  tourist destination thanks to the warmer climate and lower altitude. While we didn't journey into the canyon (maybe next time), we did do our fair share of hiking paths and park buses. We were blessed with an incredible sunset on our last night while at the top of Yaki Point. I had initially headed to the lookout at the top but the colors turned out pretty drab. Calling it a bust, we headed back down a bit disappointed. As we got off the bus, the sky began exploding with color and I quickly set up my camera so we could do our "selfies"...LOL!

We also visited the Desert View Watchtower designed by Mary Elizabeth Jane Colter...a major player in the architectural design of the park. It wasn't based on an actual structure, but modeled after several buildings found in that area from times past. Besides the usual visitor center, there's a small gift shop that sells some of the best coffee ice cream I've ever tasted. Definitely worth a stop if you're in this vicinity of the south rim.

From there, we drove over 200 miles to get to the North Rim.  another pleasant drive that found us alone on the road for the most part...passing more "Cars" like scenery. As we began to ascend, the climate got much cooler and wetter...with snow very evident in parts of the landscape. It took a few hours to get acclimated to the more rustic lodgings and quieter pace. Less amenities and tour options, but this area is your choice if you prefer a more laid back and less hectic pace. 

I made it a point to shoot the milky way out on Bright Angel trail the next evening. We had scoped it out earlier in the day and both Sue and I were uneasy with the sheer drops on either side of the path that provided no rail guards. However at night, with only a head lamp to light the way, I couldn't see any of the steep drops so I was fine. While sitting in the dark at 2:00 am, alone without a soul in sight, one thinks about a lot of things. My two main thoughts were "Are there any rattlesnakes?" and "Am I crazy shooting at this hour?". My wife often questions my sanity when the alarm goes off at midnight for one of these photo excursions...haha!

Earlier in the trip, our meals were mostly from general stores and snack shops due to lack of options and time. Sue came to the point where she didn't want to look at another sandwich, so the fine dining at the Grand Canyon Lodge was much welcomed! We were able to have an amazing breakfast and dinner there. I played it safe and opted for one of the best pasta dishes I've ever eaten while Sue went with the Braised Bison. She was kind enough to let me try and let me tell you...it was melt off the bone delicious! If you look closely at my breakfast order, you'll notice the plate was made of recyclable and environment friendly material.

We also did another obligatory selfie on the South Rim...so standby....here you go!

The two nights on the North Rim turned out to be a day or so too short. We really loved the cool weather and much smaller crowds. If you plan to visit GC, make sure to explore both rims!

Photographs Copyright 2019 by Len Yokoyama

June 19, 2019

The Main Street Cinema, Country Bear Jamboree, and the Heart of a Disney Park

Even though Disneyland is removing merchandise from its classic Main Street Cinema, probably much to the dismay of Bob Chapek and others like him who seem to think the parks are mostly showcases for sales of Disney Intellectual Property related items, there are even those fans who believe it wasn't such a bad idea.

Case in point: Robert Niles, from Theme Park Insider-
"Okay, I'm gonna deliver some tough love here. Main Street Cinema is a wasted space in Disneyland. It's not that this is a bad concept — far from that, an old-time movie theater show the films that gave birth to the Walt Disney Company is a perfect, even necessary, component of Main Street USA. But in its current form, Main Street Cinema simply is not attracting enough attention to merit the use of that very valuable corporate real estate."

Generally, I tend to appreciate and agree with Robert on many things, but this is not one of those, even if I do believe him to be a true fan and an all around good guy.

My question for him and others is, "What should Disney place there?" Main Street Cinema is one of the cornerstones of true placemaking in the park; one of the original attractions that felt true to theme and place, helping to immerse guests into Walt's park. It was one of many items that made Disneyland different than regional carnivals and pier attractions. One of the many little touches that bring charm and authenticity. I say leave it as it is, and let guests enjoy it if only for nostalgia's sake. (Or air conditioning.)

The same holds true in Florida's Walt Disney World resort and her Magic Kingdom. Those who are thinking of replacing Country Bear Jamboree and even Enchanted Tiki Room are missing the point. If I'm not mistaken, those two Audio-Animatronics shows are back to back as well as not taking up too much space. Perhaps between the two, there would be enough room for a decent sized dark ride. But is is worth it? No.

Beyond destroying some opening day attractions, a move like this only subtracts from the variety of entertainment choices for guests. Once upon a time in that Magic Kingdom, every land but Main Street had an animatronic show (Mickey Mouse Musical Revue in Fantasyland, the silly but fun Sonny Eclipse show in Tomorrowland, and the two mentioned above). These types of shows are still perfect for little ones, older folks and others for whom these bring back lots of memories, and any guest who prefers a gentler even corny form of entertainment. 

These shows and smaller attractions bring a charm and warmth to the increasingly over commercialized Disney Parks  forming a backbone, a sense of place, and in many aspects, the heart and soul of those beloved spaces. 

They are worth preserving as is.

(Photograph copyright The Walt Disney Company.)

Do Something With What You Love

Each of us spends our life doing something, promoting something, believing in something. We can be Disney lifestylers, sports fans, music lovers, passionate about books and art or travel or a million other things. It's human nature to look at the world around us and the options we're afforded and to partake.

After awhile, it becomes evident that these things in and of themselves are not enough to satisfy us, so we move on to others things and other relationships to fill that void. For those of us that believe Jesus Christ is God in the flesh and the only way to an eternity in Heaven, I share this short video from the founder of Youth With A Mission (YWAM), Loren Cunningham

His challenge is as clear as his call. Or should I say the commands of Jesus. I hope you find it as compelling and thought provoking as I do.

June 18, 2019

Aladdin Leaves Many Wishes Unfulfilled

Perhaps a bit late to it all, but nonetheless, I rather hesitantly saw Disney's live action remake of the animated classic Aladdin on Father's Day. You see- full disclosure here- I wanted to dislike the film. The movie of an orphan boy who marries a princess seemed so perfectly done the first time, there wasn't much hope for the revision to be a success. In short, it wasn't and it was.

With two very likable leads, Mena Massoud and Naomi Scott, and in an unexpected surprise, a near perfectly cast villain, Marwan Kenzari, it all seemed a very promising affair. Then, unfortunately, Will Smith as Genie shows up and ruins it all.

But it is not entirely his fault. No one actor could do justice to the iconic character played by the lovable Robin Williams. Without the inevitable comparison, Will does his best Hitch impersonation but without a depth of character because the script feels disjointed, rushed, and rather expected. We just don't believe the friendship between Genie and Aladdin that was so central to the success of the original. 

Naomi Scott's beautiful voice is wasted on a mediocre, stereotyped, "Speechless", the kind of song full of faux angst all too common in our politically charged world. Yes, Jasmine needed her song. But this was not the one. She deserved better. Authenticity always rings true, and thankfully, Naomi brought this to her role. Her nuanced performance sails past this musical detour, making Jasmine a woman of character. (This seems to be true of Naomi as well. Do a little research on her humanitarian projects. I'm looking forward to seeing more of her in other films.)

Better character development is evident with the evil sorcerer Jafar. Winningly played by Kenzari, viewers quickly forget the thought of any other actor playing the role. His demise is not, however, the big payoff you'd expect, making the live action version far less scary for the little ones than the animated classic.

Unlike the original, Jasmine's father the Sultan is happily not a cartoon buffoon. Navid Negahban brings a grace and dignity to the role. This warm and wise father is willing to learn and to grow and to bless his daughter and her unexpected desires. A true test of a real man. Certainly not a bad lesson for any father to remember on Father's Day.

The sets are beautiful and rich, the costumes detailed and flashy, but the spectacle and modern dance music arrangements and moves take away from the story. "A Whole New World" suffers the most. What once was a beautiful and still thrilling song becomes just another plot device. 

There's a trade-off here: Classic Disney storytelling (and eventually DVD sales) is sacrificed to gain short term popularity and ticket sales. This film seems geared toward Bollywood but should also play well in the Islamic Middle East since both Jasmine and Aladdin have lost their skin baring outfits in favor of much more modest attire. 

What can I say about the film's title character? Aladdin can be caricature if not handled with utmost care. Somehow in spite of the film's many flaws, Mena Massoud pulls off the delicate balance of con artist and fine young man. His charm and dazzling smile may initially woo the girl and win an audience, but it is the growth and sincerity reflected in his eyes that makes us root for him.  And for the movie itself. At least there's one wish granted.

When the film stopped, I expected a "Genie moment" at the end of the credits. It was not to be. It seemed there was nothing left to say, no stories to tell, not even a clever goodbye. This version of Aladdin should be the one to make Disney rethink its cash grab with the live action remakes. In fact, I haven't decided which is worse, the multiple sequels of the animated classics ("Little Mermaid 24") under Michael Eisner or this current trend under the leadership of Robert Iger. They each may win some gold but at the loss of respect and potential. Aladdin learned this lesson. I wish the Walt Disney Company would as well.

(Photographs copyright The Walt Disney Company.)

June 17, 2019

Palette Cleanser

From the palette of the artist Marie Massey comes this beautiful piece celebrating the French countryside. This Plein Air painting is just the thing to keep your eyes open to new sights outside the Disney world. There are plenty of them. Sometimes, we've got to get out of the theme parks and into the real world. 

A Trio of Tokyo Disneyland Posters

Since opening of the park in 1955, Disneyland attraction posters have been an instant hit with guests. In fact, they are some of the most coveted pieces of artwork found in the park. 

It was soon expected that every addition to the park would have its own matching poster. The tradition continued when the company opened the Walt Disney World resort in 1971 and its beloved Magic Kingdom

Overseas parks would soon have their own matching set of posters, and here are three of them from Tokyo Disneyland: Star Tours, Snow White's Adventures and the Castle Carrousel

The first two closely mimic those found in the U.S. parks, while the carrousel poster is a unique beauty. There are many more to be found! The elegant world class Tokyo Disneysea offers their own as well.

With brand new attractions coming based on Tangled, Peter Pan, Frozen, and of course, Beauty and the Beast, you can be sure that equally impressive attraction posters will be created. At least this author is looking forward to them!

(Art copyright The Walt Disney Company.)

June 14, 2019

Check Out These WDW Ticket Prices: What it Cost to Visit the World in 1983

It doesn't take a genius to know a visit to Walt Disney World is one very, very, expensive vacation. Recently, I came across tickets from our 1983 visit, just one year after the opening of the then amazing EPCOT Center. 

Let's take a look at the prices in 1983, compare them to the effects of inflation and then to what the Walt Disney Company is currently charging for the same items. 

1983 Prices:
One Day Magic Kingdom-  $15.00
Day Parking-  $1.00
One Day Transportation-   $2.00
 Discovery Island Excursion-   $3.00

Price with Inflation to 2019:
One Day Magic Kingdom-  $38.57
Day Parking-  $2.57
One Day Transportation-   $5.14
 Discovery Island Excursion-   $7.71

Current 2019 Prices:
One Day Magic Kingdom-  $109.00
Day Parking-  $25.00
One Day Transportation-   included
 Discovery Island Excursion-   no longer available

At these prices, unless guests are very well off and privileged or a Disney lifestyler, Walt Disney World is most likely now trip you plan and save for or even a once in a lifetime visit for all but a small number of guests.

When you compare inflated prices to what the company is currently charging, it makes you realize that those outrageous salaries for the company executives must come from somewhere!

June 13, 2019

First Video of Hagrid's Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure

Here it is! The first video I've found of Universal Orlando's incredible Hagrid's Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure! Trust me, one view, and you'll be booking your ticket's to Florida...

Seems to be another winner at Islands of Adventure. With great theming, thrills that pass the bar for both younger and more experienced riders, and a storyline that follows Harry Potter's adventures while still offering something fresh. Disney will have to up its game once again!

(Video from Anabella's.) 

June 11, 2019

Halsey Forgets Love Not Hate is the Answer

According to Billboard magazine, singer Halsey wore a t-shirt during a performance in London that revealed her heart. It read, "F**K YOUR STRAIGHT PRIDE". 

The artist clearly has forgotten that hate breeds hate. Or does it only get to be tossed aside when it furthers her cause? 

No, the answer is love even through disagreement. Love that furthers open discussion not shuts it down. Jesus said "Love your enemies", making him a radical as well as being God's Son and redeemer of a broken world. 

Nor does her actions truly further her cause. They only increase the division.

Read about Haley's story here.

June 9, 2019

Designated Survivor: How to Ruin a Great Show

Designated Survivor was once a great series! Keifer Sutherland was the perfect pick to play everyman Tom Kirkman who due to a national crisis becomes the President of the United States. The writing was sharp and focused, the cast - especially Adan Canto, Italia Ricci and Maggie Q- played crisply against each other as a team without falling into over the top melodrama.

But that was Season One and Two.

Season Three is when it all starts to fall apart. The "freedom" provided on Netflix has resulted in unnecessary foul language, brief glimpses of male nudity, a good amount of not so discreet sex, and a more obvious political agenda. Yet, it is beyond these items that put the series on a downward slope. Now there's too many writers and too many subplots that seem forced. What a waste of a talented cast!

Can it recover from feeling more like Grey's Anatomy or Dallas?  Who knows. It's just a guessing game, but it would be a shame if it cannot. Whether it does or not, they've lost me as a viewer.

June 7, 2019

It Was Only Yesterday

It was in fact early 1975 when this brand new icon was designed for Karen and Richard Carpenter, one of the most successful recording acts of the 1970s- and one whose legacy continues today. 

Just before the release of their landmark album, Horizon, A&M Records took out an add in Billboard magazine, revealing the new look while still using the duo's classic and iconic logo.

The new logo was clearly inspired by the photo above while the duo were on tour in Japan. 

Only Yesterday was the new single being promoted. Certainly one of the most successful of the Carpenters latter half of the decades singles. Richard and lyricist John Bettis turned out a well respected body of work, giving Karen a rich tapestry of stories to share. On this one, those basement level opening notes remain some of my favorite. No one could do what Karen did, and she was instantly recognizable. A superstar without the ego, making her all the most lovable. 

What Divine gifts from above were given to them! With her breathtaking contralto and her brother's musical genius, Karen Carpenter is as beloved today as she was in her prime. 

Author Randy L. Schmidt's beautiful book Carpenters: An Illustrated Discography follows up his bestseller, Little Girl Blue the Life of Karen Carpenter. Just released, Randy has assembled an all star cast of music industry insiders to discuss each of their albums. For some incredible reason, he asked me to be involved. I was given the honor of discussing A Kind of Hush. What an honor! It seems as if it were only yesterday that collection was burning up my turntable and the 8-track player in my car!

(Thanks to Billy Rees on the A&M Corner boards for the scan.)

June 6, 2019

Beautiful and Strange

Crocodiles and frogs are not known for being the best of friends- especially when the larger creature eats the smaller ones for a quick meal! In this quite amazing snapshot by Tanton Yensen for mediadrumworld.com, five small frogs take a ride on the back of this saltwater crocodile found in Jakarta, Indonesia. Was this a poor choice on the part of those frogs? Beautiful and strange!

June 5, 2019

Retro Hawaii

Loving these retro styled posters...

(Art from The Travelers Studio)

June 3, 2019

Disneyland Branches Out

Unabashedly Old School Disney! I am, yes, I am. That doesn't mean I'm not in favor of the current Intellectual Property infestation at the theme parks- when its done well and not at the expense of original attractions. Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge, Pandora World of Avatar, Cars Land, etc. are all the rage and for very good reasons. Attractions like Pirates of the Caribbean and The Haunted Mansion remain beloved Disney classics because of their excellence- not because of their movie affiliations. 

But these newer movie focused attractions are not new. From time to time, Walt Disney and his Imagineering team inserted attractions into Disneyland that did recreate a filmed environment. Not quite hidden in the backside of Adventureland, the Swiss Family Treehouse was among the best, beckoning those folks young and old to explore the Robinson family's island home in the branches. 

This 1962 newspaper ad captures all the fun. Whether it is the Swiss Family and its mesmerizing ear candy of the Swisskapolka or the more obvious cartoon based Tarzan making their home in its branches, climbing high above it all has been a guest favorite for 50 plus years.

(Art copyright The Walt Disney Company.)

June 1, 2019

Why I'll Avoid Galaxy's Edge at Disneyland... For Now

What more can I say about the new Star Wars themed land at Disneyland? It looks great, seems full of expensive options to round out the experience, and it's certainly only the beginning of what the Imagineers have planned. Robert Iger was rightfully proud of what was accomplished, and fans of the films will thank him for making those worlds real. But I won't see it at Disneyland for now at least.

Consider it fortunate or a blessing or just sheer coincidence, but long ago, we scheduled a trip to Walt Disney World for the late Summer early Fall season. Guess what? Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge will be open just before we arrive. Yes, Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run will be the only attraction open, leaving Rise of the Resistance for another trip at either coast. So be it. We weren't scheduling our visit to match the opening anyway.

Am I looking forward to it? Yes. But not as much as the little kids who will travel with us. What fun it will be to see it through their eyes! And will I see Rise of the Resistance in California or Florida? Can't say, but it's the one I'm really looking forward to!

(Photograph copyright The Walt Disney Company.)

Male Fail #4

Now, it is just laughable! Another foolish attempt at making men look stupid- but it succeeded...for those who wear it.