March 15, 2019

New and Very Rare Discovery Bay Art for Disneyland

A brand new and exciting discovery! Here's a rarely seen piece of concept art for the long lost, never built, Discovery Bay at Disneyland. On the back of this piece is the stamp from Disney, proving its authenticity.

One of the premier attractions, Island at the Top of the World, would have certainly drawn guests. And what a large surprise they would have encountered. But the movie flopped, and all was put to rest.

Imagineer Tony Baxter never did get the permission to go ahead and lead the build out of the land originally set to be artistically wedged between Frontierland and Fantasyland, but that didn't stop him from getting bits and pieces of it into Disneyland Paris.

Island was the farthest thing from a movie box office hit.

Looks like many parts made it to Disneyland Paris!

More Disney and dinosaurs! Always a great pairing.
Where can we find them in the theme parks?

The late 19th Century Barbary Coast / San Francisco area provided inspiration for a variety of attractions- much more than just the two we'll find in Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge when it premiers in a few months. Much, much more.

The unbuilt Spark Gap Coaster.

Proposed Coaster Attraction Poster. Say that fast three times!

Fireworks Factory shooting gallery with the Discovery Bay Lighthouse.

How about a new-fangled shooting gallery? The Fireworks Factory would have fit right in place in the Chinatown mini area. These kind of smaller attractions still have their place in the theme parks, bringing charm and variety, fully fleshing out the main story. They also disperse the crowds!

Did you know EPCOT Center's very famous beloved little purple dragon had a role at Disneyland long ago?

Does "Professor Marvel" and his dragon friend look a bit familiar?
They should!

Professor Marvel's incredible Gallery of Illusion.

Visitors to Discovery Bay would cruise along a classic Disney flume ride! This exciting encounter with dinosaurs would sit next to a mega dark ride on the Hyperion airship through the movie's icy environment. Nearby, Professor Marvel would host some hands on adventures and his little dragon friend. 

A very different version of the area's map.

Fully colorized map.

EPCOT Center's much adored original Journey into Imagination truly had its roots in Tony's plan for Disneyland. Nothing really ever does go to waste, does it?

The classic concept art.

One last version of the map.

Discovery Bay only exists now in our minds. As with other unbuilt masterpieces such as Western River Expedition for the Magic Kingdom and the also unrealized Atlantis Expedition for Walt's park, Tony Baxter's Discovery Bay has been relegated to the Disney fandom history.

One day, Disney may one again take another look at the concept. Once they can turn it into a successful film and Intellectual Property. Until then, we can just about forget it.

(Art copyright The Walt Disney Company.)

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