March 25, 2019

Flying with Peter Pan in Shanghai

There's a reason that even Shanghai Disneyland gives guests a chance to fly to Neverland with Peter Pan: this iconic Disney attraction is just plain fun! Walt Disney knew visitors all of ages to Disneyland would not be able to resist boarding a pirate galleon and flying over London and follow the second star to the right. This concept art perfectly captures the thrill of soaring high above it all. 

You'll see this beloved attraction at home in every Fantasyland ever created- except for Hong Kong Disneyland, which continues to amaze me since British rule and influence has made such an impact on the people. Perhaps the newly Imagined larger castle will lead to other enhancements for the beautiful but small park. 

Much of the Mainland China park is unique and enticing, yet the weakest part of it all is their version that holds this flying attraction. 

I haven't been there yet, but I think it looks like Fantasyland is an epic design fail. Where shall I begin?

The monstrosity of the boxy castle lacks elegance and charm. Big is not always best. Even worse, the layout of the land seems awkwardly clumsy with an attraction lineup that lacks depth: Aside from the mine train roller coaster, the supposed to be stellar Voyage to the Crystal Grotto is a well known disappointment. The Tim Burton inspired Alice in Wonderland maze seems like an out of place nightmare, and Pooh is just a mash up of cheaper versions found in California and Florida. Fantasyland is clearly where budget cuts and rumored bribes took a bite out of what could have been. Did the money go to the government's Shanghai Shendi Group or somewhere else? And why isn't there much information on which group of Imagineers designed the park?

(Art copyright The Walt Disney Company.)

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