April 14, 2021

A Magic Kingdom for India

A new Magic Kingdom in India? Oh, you can bet it's coming as Disney ramps up their operations in the country! With the announcement of K. Madhavan's being named president of Disney India and Star India, those who have been around the Disney block for years know this is the first step in making a Magic Kingdom in India a reality. (Check the history of Shanghai Disneyland. See the pattern?)

There has been a recurring rumor that Disney Imagineers were actively designing an India pavilion in World Showcase at Epcot. But this would be even better. Being one of the world's oldest civilizations and one of the most populated places on earth, India is prime for a Disney invasion and park to follow. 

Wouldn't you want to see a smaller version of this
grace the World Showcase lagoon? I would!

With regards to Epcot, it would have brought in some new mystique and definitely food options on the largely Eurocentric park now IP filled park. A fresh World Showcase expansion is not a new idea. At the WDWMagic boards have been talking about it for years. Keep watching their boards. They have a great track record as industry insiders post there as well as passionate fans.

Taj Mahal Westcot version. Oh what could have been!

Years back, the idea of an Indian theme park is was the not too unexpected hidden news within MiceChat's update by MiceAge founder Al LutzYou can find the article here (Al Lutz India park rumor)- look toward the very end of it. Although the bulk of the article chronicles the would of  /should of aspects of the troubled Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge and all the cutting Bob Chapek did to what was originally intended, a Disneyland in India was the real news behind things.

With the popularity of Bollywood films and the increase of Indian characters in television programming  Disney Imagineering has long wanted to include the mysterious world of India into the parks. Westcot in California- may it Rest In Peace- included the nation in its extensive plans. (Read more about it here- and see the concept art.) Stay posted for future developments. The next D23 could give us an update on a Mumbai or Dehli Disneyland, but it is probably too soon for that.

(Top photo copyright The Walt Disney Company.)

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