April 21, 2021

My Favorite Disney Park Photos: Disneyland's Jungle Cruise

The mystery! The intrigue! The back side of water! Disneyland's Jungle Cruise is one of the original 17 attractions that appeared with the opening of "Walt's park" in 1955. Up until the opening of the Indiana Jones Adventure in the 1990's, the cruise was the centerpiece, the first attraction there and the heart and soul of Adventureland. Some could say the lovely Enchanted Tiki Room took that spot in 1963, but for all its charms, the lure of a river journey to exotic regions of the world remained a Disneyland rite of passage for generations. 

Walking through a mostly empty park late at night in the Summer of 2018 (see my one day two park, 26 attraction trip report. See how I did it here), the journey through a quiet Adventureland brought out this beautiful marquee shot. The artists behind the lighting of the park have consistently done a terrific job at bringing out all the detail of the designs of the Imagineers. The entrance to the Jungle Cruise is no exception- and soon enough, we'll be able to explore the jungle again!

(Photograph copyright Mark Taft.)

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