May 25, 2016

Never Built Roger Rabbit Attraction

Who Framed Roger Rabbit? In this case, the question is "Who killed off Roger Rabbit?" This all was planned in the early 90's, back in long ago, when Imagineering was arguably at its peak in productivity. 

When Disney's Hollywood Studios was known as Disney-MGM Studios, there were plans afoot for a great simulator attraction based on the smash Disney film. The concept art shown gives us a glimpse of what could have been. 

The hare-brained attraction included in-cabin effects long before Stormrider at Tokyo DisneySeaDumbo flies by as we are in hot pursuit of Bennie the Cab,  and Roger himself makes a lasting impression. Sound like great fun! And certainly a better executed family attraction than what is coming to the Studios in the form of Toy Story Land.

As with many projects, money and politics killed its chances of ever becoming reality. It's really a shame!

(Art copyright The Walt Disney Company.)

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