May 23, 2016

Why My Money's Not Going to Disney This Year

Construction everywhere (in California and Florida) and lame Disney attractions opening in Florida. This is why I am not going to use my heard earned money on a Disney centered vacation this year. 

Star Wars Land is underway. The location in California is just so unfortunate, but I'm sure it will be well done when it debuts in 2018 or so. California Adventure has nothing to offer that cannot wait.

Star Wars Land is also underway at Disney's Hollywood Studios. The beautiful Animal Kingdom is also seeing a surge n additions, with Pandora / Avatar being the new crown jewel. 

The Magic Kingdom is "frozen", but Epcot is getting a misplaced ride in Norway, a quick(?) and dirty re-do of the Maelstrom boat ride. Disney Springs? Beautiful to look at, but it is still a shopping center. 

What's a Disney fan to do? Spend his money elsewhere! It has now been 7 years since I've been to the World. It will be longer before the next visit.

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