July 29, 2013

Wonderful DCA

What a wonder of incredible Imagineering was Disney's California Adventure at opening! This simple map shows the vast nature of the park and the surrounding expansion. Well, at least the rest of the building project truly was wonderful. The Grand Californian Resort and Downtown Disney stand among the best projects of its type.

As for the second Anaheim park, California Adventure became the laughing stock of the industry with its less than stellar line up of attractions. No amount of press could save it. Superstar Limo was instantly famous as was the Maliboomer- all for the wrong reasons. This led guests and the general public to overlook some of the very good aspects of it. Disney's Michael Eisner had a flop squarely on his hands. Thank God cooler heads eventually approved the billion dollar expansion, bringing us Buena Vista Street, a revamped Paradise Pier, and Cars Land.

Want to read more about the development and eventual revitalization of California Adventure with some concept art? Go to the series Bargain Basement Imagineering. It begins here.

(Art copyright The Walt Disney Company.)

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