October 19, 2009

Tim Delaney's "Failures" at WDI

Surprising and foolish. For Walt Disney Imagineering to let go of Tim Delaney is just a mistake- and someone has much different things on their mind than quality attractions if they think this was a good idea!

Given support and an appropriate amount of financial backing, this man could accomplish magnificent pieces of art. Anyone who has seen Discoveryland at Disneyland Paris knows exactly what I'm talking about. Tim's vision and design for the land, including the definitive version of Space Mountain, stands head and shoulders above all other Tomorrowlands. Period.

Not even the great 1960s version at Walt's original Disneyland comes close. I left my photos full size so that the reader can imagine walking in this place if they have never had the chance. Just look at the detail! Stunning.

What kind of decision makers are in charge of the Walt Disney Company these days? Money men. Art and the love of the product- and love for its guests- seems to mean less and less. Uncle Walt must be turning over in his grave.

(Photos copyright Mark Taft.)

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