June 21, 2017

Brazil Comes to Epcot's World Showcase

All I can say about this is "It's about time a new country was added to the line-up of World Showcase!" The country of Brazil is about to be added to Epcot. With D23 just around the corner and the Walt Disney World Resort soon to celebrate its 50th Anniversary, the time is now for something new to be added to "Disney's Food, Wine, Flower, and Anything Else That Will Fit" theme park.

Concept art looks promising. Doesn't it always?

Just when was this announcement made, you might ask. Well, the great folks at WDWMagic - who by the way tend to break the news on just about every Florida park news- subtly dropped the info in the last few days. I won't share what thread, as you'll have to discover it yourself. Others may claim to have the scoop, but trust me, the insiders on their boards really do get the news before others. Make sure you look to the rumor threads if you want to get the latest and most likely to happen news.

Imagineering concept art even looks good in black and white.

Of course, things are always subject to change. But don't dismiss the ridiculous. Guardians of the Galaxy did actually come to California Adventure's Tower of Terror. So expect the unexpected. 

The very top rendering isn't Disney, by the way. It's from an artist known as Jader, and it's up for sale as a benefit to UNICEF. Look here

(Art copyright Jader and The Walt Disney Company.)

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