January 11, 2019

Israel Before Brazil

Here's Imagineer Herb Ryman's beautiful Israel pavilion for EPCOT Center. Painted June of 1982, shortly after the park's grand opening, this piece of concept art captures all the warmth, history, and beautiful architecture the country is known for. 

The blueprint (shown above) for the pavilion has been in circulation for quite awhile, and it shows the expected mix of shops, a cafe or restaurant, and an entertainment venue. Blow the image up and explore a bit! It might make you wish this had come to pass- although it did in a much smaller version for the Millennium celebration.

Certainly, World Showcase needed this addition! As the park stands now, it is very Eurocentric, and fleshing it out with a country from the Middle East would have been a smart move. 

The proposed but not yet announced Brazil adition would be a good place to refresh this half of the park by bringing a new country and culture to explore. (Find out more in these posts with artwork included. Post One. Post Two.) Even if it is only shopping, restaurants and some entertainment. Perhaps we will know more at D23. Here's hoping! 

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