July 27, 2018

Original Brazil Model for EPCOT Center's World Showcase

The original model for Brazil's World Showcase pavilion at Epcot shows a slice of what is a take on Copacabana's famous boardwalk in Rio de Janeiro. If I'm not mistaken, that's also a statue of Christ of the Andes (also known as Christ the Redeemer) in the upper left hand corner. Older concept art, seen below, shows this would have been part of the original proposal to add this South American country to the lineup of the park.

Certainly a classic steakhouse is part of the plan. That part we know as its been leaked by those terrific insiders on the WDWMagic site. Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, as of this time it seems as if no attraction is planned. Bummer. Does a small soccer field count? Perhaps this holdover from the above old concept art will make the cut. There's more renderings to be found if you research the net. 

Blog Mickey's mock up of the location of the new pavilion.

Blog Mickey shows us on a map where the pavilion will go: smack between Italy and Germany. Definitely bringing a new profile to World Showcase as guests look across the lagoon. It's about time, isn't it? That half of the park has been fairly stagnant for too long.

Given the direction the park is taking, maybe The Three Caballeros will move to Brazil if Coco comes to Mexico. Stranger things have happened!

(Art and model copyright The Walt Disney Company.)

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C.S. Schlottmann said...

Incredible find! I’ve never seen this one before. Thanks for sharing.