October 1, 2018

The Most Excellent Shanghai Disneyland Castle Photo

Until our friend Len Yokoyama visits Shanghai Disneyland for his own set of amazing photos, let me just share with you one of the most incredible photos of their castle! 

This Enchanted Storybook Castle belongs to many princesses, sort of a greatest hits compilation if you will. With the requisite shopping and dining already here, what exactly could the Imagineers add to satisfy the Chinese government who insisted on theirs being the most impressive edifice of all? How about it's own unique attraction, Voyage to the Crystal Grotto

From all accounts, what should have been a standout cruise falls short instead as guests journey around a series of fountains until they enter the underground side of the palace. Not too much enchantment to be found there, but no matter. This excellent photo by the folks at Westcoaster serves as a reminder that big and impressive are only one piece of what makes a Disney park special.

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