November 2, 2017

Goodbye California Screamin'- Hello Incredicoaster!

Here's your first look at the new-ish Pixar Pier- the really awful but ultimately unavoidable transformation of the better than it was but still not great Paradise Pier. Just when the park was getting more cohesive, somebody from headquarters forces Imagineering to come up with this. Glad they left the Mickey head.

Screamin' goes goodbye in January, and the Incredicoaster launches in Summer of 2018- just in time for chapter two of the Incredibles story. One of my favorite Pixar movies, but the transformation is unnecessary. At least the coaster will finally be painted.

Hopefully the attractions from A Bug's Land will make it over before the area is destroyed to make room for Marvel

Lastly, I'm glad this is happening in place of the Disneyland Resort "gaining" its own Toy Story Land. That would be much worse.

More transformation information on the Disney Parks blog.

(Art copyright The Walt Disney Company.)

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