November 27, 2016

Shanghai Disneyland Pirates' Attractions Poster

Easily the best designed attraction at Shanghai Disneyland- the next and newest version of the classic Pirates of the Caribbean. This one entitled Battle for the Sunken Treasure. Jack Sparrow may be the star of the show, but in reality, his story is the excuse for a new slew of stunning Imagineering special effects. 

This fresh yet comic book retro styled attraction poster- courtesy a great photograph by  Mint Crocodile over at Magic Eye blog- provides an intriguing hint of things to come.

Here's an extra large version from Alain Littaye at Disney and More.

Speaking of intriguing hints, I won't be as coy. Tomorrow on the Insights blog, I'll post another piece of concept art for the new park's Adventure Isle. Yes, there's quite a bit out there it you take the time to find it. This one is another treasure...

(Art copyright The Walt Disney Company.)

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