November 26, 2016

The Pleasures of Switzerland

Never did get back to posting about our last trip to Switzerland and the South of France. No matter. Even though this great photo is not mine, it does tell a story. We took the drive around this exact lake, seeing this incredible view. 

I didn't take time and stop the rental car as I was mesmerized by everything around us. It's a great big wonderful world to explore out there. Although I somewhat miss my more regular Disney park visits, I just can't quit exploring this incredible world that God designed. Even my work related trips take my to exotic locales I never imagined I'd see. Travel has got to be one of my guilty pleasures.

(Photographer unknown.)


Len said...

Love this short piece! I just got the green light from my wife to put Norway, Iceland and Switzerland on the docket for 2019!

Mark Taft said...

Len, let's talk about Switzerland- its incredible- and I'd love to share some ideas with you.