November 1, 2016

Scarier Than Halloween

Halloween 2016 is now officially over, but the frightening things going on at the mainland Disney resorts are creepier than even the most macabre of happenings. It's as if the shoehorning of an entire Star Wars world in the midst of Disneyland park just wasn't enough for the ghouls in charge of the parks.

Disney/Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy is already a work in progress as the "new" attraction forces its way into the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. It just doesn't make any sense. Why destroy a classic Disney attraction? Has Imagineering bought into the game or are they helpless pawns? Wouldn't the whole story behind the decision make an incredibly strange episode of the old Rod Serling television show? 

"Imagine if you will a once beloved and trusted entertainment giant deciding to simultaneously force their latest acquisition into media in which it doesn't belong and instantly alienating their most die-hard fans. Led by the ultra greedy CEO and his equally clueless Board along with a host of other characters, 'the Company' moves full steam ahead to destroy the legacy of its founder in order to fill their pockets with cash. All this before disappearing into The Twilight Zone."

It's a story, screenplay, or book that practically writes itself! And it is only the beginning as more of Marvel finds its way into the parks. Epcot is next, using Future World as an environment in which to shove film and comic superheroes. It's no longer about what is thematically correct (see much of Norway and Mexico at World Showcase in Epcot these days for examples), it's more about making a quick buck. 

Will the madness ever stop? Probably not...on U.S. shores at least.
(Photographs copyright The Walt Disney Company.)

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