November 28, 2016

More Rare Shanghai Disneyland Art

Dig deep and keep looking. This thought process has been the key to finding so many pieces of rare and unused Disney concept art from the Imagineers. Here's another rendering created for Shanghai Disneyland. Sort of a companion piece to the one I posted last week. This one is for the Tribal Table restaurant.

With the recently announced expansion on the table for Hong Kong Disneyland, it seems the grudge match between both China resorts will last for awhile. Hong Kong is pulling out the big guns with Frozen, Marvel, and Moana coming their way quickly. And a huge new castle, too. But don't underestimate what will be done in Shanghai. There's too much ego on both sides of the table (Disney and the Chinese government) to let that park not continue to expand and shine for decades to come. 

While these two Asia resorts duke it out, let's not forget about the first to be built on the continent. The Tokyo Disney Resort still has more coming their way as well. The long standing political and cultural feud between these two countries may be very slowly changing, but you can rest assured the fight for the money will continue. Besides, how can Tokyo Disney Sea and the original Tokyo Disneyland not continue to get even better under the guidance of the Oriental Land Company?

(Art copyright The Walt Disney Company.)

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