May 2, 2016


 The list of great, some would say epic, Disney theme park attractions that transformed their respective parks, is a very long one. Sometimes entire parks change the landscape forever. One single change can have impact for generations.

 The entire addition of EPCOT Center singularly transformed Walt Disney World into a multi-day, week long, resort destination. It was only the warm up act for what was to come in 1989 with the additions of Disney-MGM Studios, the Caribbean Beach Resort, Typhoon Lagoon, and Downtown Disney. Change has continued with New Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom.

It's part of a great tradition beginning with New Orleans Square at Disneyland. Pirates of the Caribbean forever changed the way park guests would look at themed entertainment. And the Imagineers followed that up with the Haunted Mansion. Both still the pinnacle of theme park attractions.

Will Pandora / World of Avatar do it to Animal KingdomStar Wars Experience will certainly do it again (good or bad) to Walt's original park as well as Florida's now lost studio park. 

And the power of change certainly continues with Cars Land at California Adventure in 2012. This addition transformed Anaheim's second park laughing stock into something special. Now guests flock to California Adventure and are wowed by the experience. The power of change transforms how we see things.

Something just as powerful happened to me a couple of weeks ago. I encountered Jesus Christ in a brand new way, and I don't think I will ever be the same. If you think you know Him, I give you this challenge: Ask Him, the LORD God of the universe, to step into your life and make a difference head to toe. Take the risk of giving Him control in a new way. Let God prove himself to you by embracing the God made Man who gave his life on the cross in payment for your sins. Accept the gift, put him to the test, take the challenge. Be transformed yourself. Let the landscape of your life and heart be changed forever. It's scary, rewarding, and life-giving. Go for it. You know you need something more.

(Art and photographs copyright The Walt Disney Company.)

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