October 28, 2015

Shag-a-Delic Haunted Mansion

Welcome Foolish Mortals! 

Perhaps only a handful of times in the life of the incredible Disney Imagineers that they get to be part of an attraction this beloved, and dare I say, immortal. Those involved in the creation of the beloved Haunted Mansion have this honor. The list of those involved reads like a Who's Who of Imagineering:  Marc Davis, Claude Coats, X Atencio, Ken Anderson, Yale Gracey, and many others.  

Disneyland's original spook house has thrilled guests since 1969, a full forty five years.  It's a record of popularity and accomplishment unmatched by any other Disney attraction with the exception of Pirates of the Caribbean and perhaps to a lesser degree, the Jungle Cruise. The enduring popularity of the attraction has spawned other versions, but in my opinion, although each are great, none match the original Mansion in California. Phantom Manor  at Disneyland Paris and Mystic Manor in Hong Kong Disneyland are world class attractions, no doubt, but they owe their roots to this one.

Artist and Disney fan Josh Agle, aka SHAG, designed this incredible piece honoring the mansion at its 40th Anniversary. It's just great! I cannot wait to see what he will create for the 50th!

Speaking of the 50th, perhaps the Imagineers that brought back the Hat Box Ghost are planning to surprise us with even more enhancements...

(Art copyright Josh Agle for the Walt Disney Company.)

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