July 4, 2014

Alice Returns

Earlier this week, Disneyland's classic attraction Alice in Wonderland, returned to operation in Fantasyland. Always beautiful to look at, the ride has never looked better! Of course, I haven't been there myself to see it, but video abounds.

Alice in Wonderland... an example of a beautiful-to-look-at but mediocre film that makes for a charming attraction. A very charming attraction.

Touring Plans has the best looking video out there. See the refurbishments for yourself.

If this is any indication of what the Imagineers have planned for Disneyland's 60th Birthday/Anniversary, I say we are in for a treat. Even though Walt's park deserves a big ticket item for this landmark date, these are still very wise investments. It shows, once again, that the older sister- or should we now say "matriarch" of Disney parks is still the richest in atmosphere and in number of attractions both big and small.

(Poster art copyright The Walt Disney Company. Video copyright Touring Plans.)

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