October 16, 2012

Make Way for the Future Today

The future is now, and I am happy about it! Marvel's witty and cynical Iron Man is headed to Disneyland's Tomorrowland, a place in which he fits perfectly.

Let's face it: as it now stands, Tomorrowland is a mixed bag of themes and eras. Iron Man and Stark Expo could be the perfect unifying factor.  With a little bit of ingenuity and imagination, the exteriors of existing attractions could be "retro-fitted" into an area where "a look backwards at a look forward" provides the answer to bringing it all together. Sort of an EPCOT Center-ish Future World of the previous century. The buildings from the 60s could finally be resurfaced with a look that complements the feel and theme without revealing its shortcomings and reduced budget that plagued Tomorrowland '98.

Some Disney purists are in an uproar over this... but I think Walt himself would be happy that something cohesive is coming to the world of the future. Count me in.


Eric Scales said...

Where have you heard this? I've read the rumors (miceage I think) but it sounds like you're saying it's a done deal.

Mark Taft said...

It's my gut as I put all the pieces together, nothing more.