July 6, 2012

Danger Around Every Curve at Cars Land

Time for an Imagineering prediction. With the overwhelming success of California Adventure's incredible Cars Land and the centerpiece Radiator Springs Racers, you can bet the suits and Imagineers are planning for an expansion to handle the crowds and create even more revenue. 

Taking its inspiration from Disney's Hollywood Studios terrific Sci Fi Dine In, a new automotive themed drive in theater will eventually make its way to this corner of the park. It was designed and then cut from the original plans for Cars Land. In a move eerily similar to what got DCA 1.0 into its original mess, the suits cut it, saving a few bucks. Now, to be fair, they were already spending a billion plus dollars to improve the place!  But just imagine the lines to get in and the money earned had it been built.

It will be coming. You can bet on it. There are rumored additional attractions coming to Cars Land once the newness wears off, and there will be additional shops and eateries like this one to sop up any remaining cash guests may have to burn. That's the ultimate goal of the suits- and you do not need to predict they are working on a way to make it happen!

(Art copyright The Walt Disney Company.)

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