June 19, 2012

Enjoying the Lay of the Land

Sometimes, it's just good to slow down and enjoy the landscape- the lay of the land, looking at what is happening around you. I'm sure that the Imagineers are doing just that as Cars Land and Buena Vista Street are now complete. Disney California Adventure has completed Phase One of its transformation. I know Phase Two must be ahead, yet I'd encourage all of us to slow down and enjoy it.

Seems to me this is also what I am learning about in this stage of my life. In the last few months, I have walked away from one very decent job and a decent salary into two jobs- both with no salary. It's quite the transition. Yet, I believe with my whole heart that working in both areas is something God has offered me. In both, I am getting to play a part in the eternal, investing in the lives of people for both the benefit of life here and now, and for that of eternity with or without Jesus. Amazing, God would want to use me!

All said, I am learning new rhythms. I am a man who likes to be productive and stay busy. So, with two new opportunities to over do it, I am trying to find time and space to enjoy the lay of the land.

My pattern of a quiet morning gives me a respite from a busy day, and this selection of "Jesus Calling" by Sarah Young was a blessing to me. I hope it is to you. She writes as if in the first tense, as if it were from God Himself to us, using Bible verses to "back up" the thoughts for the day. Enjoy!

"When you approach me in stillness and in trust, you are strengthened. You need a buffer zone of silence around you in order to focus on things that are unseen. Since I am invisible, you must not let your senses dominate your thinking. The curse of this age is over simulation  of the senses, which blocks out awareness of the unseen world.

The tangible world still reflects My Glory, to those who have eyes that see and ears that hear. Spending time alone with Me is the best way to develop seeing eyes and hearing ears. The goal is to be aware of unseen things even as you live out your life in this visible world.  (2 Corinthians 4:18; Isaiah 6:3; Psalm 130:5)"

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