June 2, 2012

Beautiful Carthay Circle Theater

Giving Disneyland a run for it's money? Well, maybe not for the actual attractions, but the new California Adventure 2.0 seems to be making quite an effort at surpassing its older sister when it comes to atmosphere.

Buena Vista Street's stunning Carthay Circle Theater is spectacular - showstoppingly gorgeous all lit up! These photos from Dateline Disneyland are terrific, but just imagine seeing it all in person! Then again, I am always a sucker for nighttime photography. And California Adventure, even the original, messy, rather ugly incarnation, did look good at night.  

Perhaps with Radiator Springs Racers zooming around Cars Land, I'll end up spending more of my day here. the Disney Imagineers have finally given us all the detail that makes a Disney park.  From all the new touches to Paradise Pier on, seems the suits really were serious about making the ugly duckling a swan. Great work!

(Photograph copyright Dateline Disneyland.)

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