June 17, 2011

A Disneyland Mountain for California Adventure?

In the long, long ago, there once was a mountain planned for Walt Disney's original Magic Kingdom. A fanciful mountain, one that would be a predecessor to the might Matterhorn and its thrilling bobsled ride. An attraction also planned for Fantasyland. Though not as spectacular in size or scale, this particular attraction as depicted by Imagineer Clause Coates was designed to look as if it was made of candy.

Rock Candy Mountain would have made quite a sight for sore eyes as Casey Jr. Circus Train would have made its way around. But logistics and a change of direction meant the mountain was never come to be.

An interesting tidbit of information came to light a few years ago that perhaps the mountain would materize in model form at a new candy shop in the new Buena Vista Street at Disney California Adventure! It would be quite the cool thing to see. but every Disney park fan knows plans change on the go. Maybe, just maybe, the mountain will appear in 2012 when the new entrance land debuts at the park. That would be one sweet treat!

(Art copyright The Walt Disney Company.)

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