January 4, 2011

I'll Take A Letter

The Walt Disney Company is spinning the Wheel of Fortune with their remake of the once awful California Adventure. Late last night and early today, they are taking a letter. In fact, all of them, as they remove one of the park's iconic images- the concrete letters that spell out the state's name at the entrance to the park. It is a gamble they'll take to rebuild the park's damaged image.

Soon, a new entrance will grace the front as a faithful recreation of Walt Disney World's Hollywood Studios gates come to California. Yep, an exact replica of what is in Florida, a take on the long gone Pan Pacific in Los Angeles. Although a bit dismaying, a look beyond the gates will reveal the beautiful new Buena Vista Street.
Let the construction continue- and we'll put up with all the walls and the rerouting of visitors. It's the price we'll pay for a new park entrance. Actually, it is the price the Disney Company will pay, part of the one billion dollar rehaul of the park that should have been built right in the first place.
(Art and photo copyright The Walt Disney Company.)

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