October 16, 2009

Rock and Rollercoaster's French Cousin

Poor Walt Disney Studios Paris! It opens to a collective thud with very few original attractions and a rehash of experiences from its older sibling in Florida. (Sounds amazingly similar to Disney's California Adventure 1.0, doesn't it?) While it meets the contractual obligations of the agreement with the French government, it disappoints fans by providing a lackluster theme park at the bottom of the Disney rung.

Rock N Rollercoaster is one of the very few attractions to be represented by renderings from the Imagineers. You may ask yourself why. I'd say if you saw the park before the recent additions of Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, Crush's Coaster, and Cars Race Rally, you never would have had to ask. It was that bad.

Let's just hope Toy Story Playland turns out much better than the concept art!

(Concept art copyright The Walt Disney Company. Note: I found this on the now defunct DisneyCentury website.)

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