October 9, 2009

Carpenters at Disneyland

As I was finishing my review of the Carpenters album Passage (coming at the end of the month), I came across this delightful photograph of Karen and Richard at Disneyland. (Thank you, friend, for sending it to me long ago!)

It seemed fitting to post this now, as I reviewed that album and this point in their career when both their lives and music started to take a downward turn. A good reminder that the duo's lives were not always filled with trouble, heartache and disappointment.

Karen's love of Disneyland is well documented, and her collection of Mickey Mouse memorabilia filled her home- making this photo all the more fun to see. Of course, any lover of the Carpenters music knows their playful recording of the Beatle's Please Mr. Postman was promoted with a video shot at the California park. You can see that video here.

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