June 26, 2021

Hello, It's Me

Just like the old photo, there may be a smile on my face, but I'm actually very uninspired. This is probably the reason that my most recent blog posts have been few or short or even to my mind, rather bland.

In other words, it's just like California Adventure's new Avengers Campus! There's few reasons to visit, short on exciting attractions, and overall, so bland compared to what could have been done with such an iconic series of comics, television shows, and movies from the Marvel family. WEB SLINGERS- A Spider-Man Adventure is a new low for what the Disney company is promoting as a major attraction. 

So far, I'm unimpressed by most of the changes I'm seeing in Epcot. The Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom are stagnant -and maybe that's a good thing! Imagineering seems to be entering a strange phase under the leadership of Bob Chapek and the effects of COVID-19. But you can only blame that for so long. In other words, Disney is not inspiring many posts when my love of their theme parks is the main reason I am a fan. Even the Star Wars inspired Imagineering book sits on my shelf and is 100% wrapped in plastic. Not even opened. 

Television is rather blah, music seems uninteresting (I'm not listening to much of anything these days), and travel is still mostly of limits.

On the plus side, I'm thrilled about some upcoming nuptials in the family and the promise of the future and all that brings. I'm encouraged in what God is doing in me, happy to see changes and growth in our church, and blessed so much to be able to see friends and family in more relaxed surroundings. I'm watching God draw people to Himself in ways I never thought that would happen.

So, Hello, It's Me. I just wanted to check in. Thanks to Adele for letting me steal her opening lyrics.

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