May 22, 2018

Harry, Meghan, and The Queen

Don't tell my wife, but I'm kind of taken with this photo of the royal newlyweds. Beneath all the glamour- and the guildedness of the room- there's something very touching and telling about this. 

At the core of it all, this is still a family photograph of two young newlyweds and their family. The bride and groom are beaming, the new in-laws might be having awkward conversations with each other, and the photographer is still unable to get all those cute little kids to look at the camera at the same time! 

Can you imagine being the mother of the bride? Even the hopes and dreams of any parent probably wouldn't include what happened to Meghan Markle. What stories Doria Ragland would have to tell about this whole process! Prince Harry would have his own as well. I mean, how do you explain to your royal family that you're marrying an American? Perhaps the next generation of television's The Queen will tell the story of her children and grandchildren. Much as been written and movies created about Charles and Diana, but I think the lives of their children are just as interesting.

Fairytales aside, marriage is hard work! I wouldn't wish that kind of royal pressure on anyone. It will be interesting to watch what transpires. They'll never escape the news outlets. For better or for worse, richer (not poorer), God has made the two one. I hope they make it work out.

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