May 20, 2018

An Evening in Venice

Simply magical. It's the only way to describe the evening beauty of Venice, Italy. A cruise down the Grand Canal is an experience you have to have to appreciate. Whether its a water taxi between islands or a very expensive gondola ride, moving on the water is the way the locals live. And following the ways of a local is always the best way to see a location and experience it most authentically. 

Pick a location and memorize it. Then go wander the back alleys that weave in and out of the city. There's no place like it on earth. At times frustrating, dirty, and crowded but always enchanting and full of surprises when you look beyond the surface. 

Cafes specialize in sweets of pistachio brittle to go with their mint flavored drinks. In the summer, four bands play each corner of St. Mark's Square, offering visitors a chance to dine, drink, and dance the night away. A pretty sweet plan! 

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