March 26, 2018

Herb Ryman's Art for Tokyo Sea's Sindbad

Something a bit special to kick off the beginning of the week! How about something from the Japanese parks? 

Imagineer Herb Ryman has long been one of my very favorite artists. His artwork for theme park attractions stands equal to some of the more "serious" art seen on gallery walls. Here's a seldom seen slice of concept art for the beautiful and mysterious Sindbad's Seven Voyages over in the Arabian Coast. (Yes, the "D" is correct in the name.)

Oriental Land Company felt the original Tokyo Disney Sea attraction was too dark, making it not quite the draw they wanted it to be for guests of all ages. It went under the knife. Sindbad lost his beard and gained an adorable tiger companion. Villains became less menacing or altogether cute, and a brand new song was commissioned to ground the attraction. Compass of Your Heart, a new theme song by Alan Menken is one catchy tune- and the attraction is still as good if a bit sugary instead of suspenseful and mysterious. 

(Art copyright The Walt Disney Company.)


Len Yokoyama said...

I actually prefer Sindbad with his beard as the newer version looks like a kid...LOL! Still a great ride, and second only to Journey to the Center of the Earth!

Mark Taft said...

Can't wait to ride it myself one day!