December 17, 2017

Sunday at Disneyland's Golden Horseshoe

There's something sweet and innocent about Disneyland and its attraction roster at opening. Don't get me wrong- it was very much ahead of its time, but it concurrently represented an America that no longer exists. 

The Golden Horseshoe- one of Walt's favorite opening day attractions.

The forward focused optimism of a sparkling new Tomorrowland stood alongside the nostalgic sweetness of an old fashioned Main Street and the dreams of childhood in Fantasyland.  It was Frontierland, however, that seemed the most authentic and certainly the most patriotic. 

Celebrating how the West was won, it also showcased how the West was fun. Nowhere was this more evident than in the rousing revue found within the Golden Horseshoe

The constantly sold out show quickly became a Disneyland institution as well as a favorite of Walt himself. Betty Taylor, aka Slue Foot Sue, and Wally Boag her comedic sidekick, made quite an entertaining team! 

Here's a color version of that poster behind Walt-
painted right on the brick!

The show remained a beloved one for decades, winning a slew of adoring fans and becoming a family tradition for each visit to the park. Pepsi and Kodak were its main sponsors. 

Promotional poster from Kodak.

A proposed poster concept courtesy "Matterhorn".

The famous Pepsi version.

Now, I'll end this with a nostalgic black and white photo, courtesy OC Attractions:

(Art and photographs copyright The Walt Disney Company.)

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