October 6, 2017

Port Disney from the Sky

You're seen the view from the sky. Now, take a look at the incredible concept art for a project that inspired Tokyo Disney Sea. The name was to be Port Disney, and it was intended for Long Beach, California - or it was only intended to be a concept to make the city of Anaheim pony up loads of cash and tax benefits to build the infrastructure around Disneyland.  This was necessary in order to make expansion of the resort feasible. Depends on who you ask, actually. Could be what's happening with that parking garage fiasco that never should have happened.

The bait and switch- which I personally believe as I don't trust much press from the Company I love these days - ended up with Disney getting what they wanted in Orange County. But, lo and behold! Promise Anaheim Westcot and end up building the tepid  Disney's California Adventure 1.0, the most off-the-shelf cheap and edgy park ever built up until that time. Soarin' Over California aside, it was a muddled mess! Made up of clones of Walt Disney World attractions, common carny rides, and a whole lot of film among highly decorated shops and expensive restaurants, it was a poor excuse for anything with the Disney name on it. Particularly right next door to the original. When the new younger sister finally opened, she was not a beauty.  

Things became worse when it was compared directly to the lovely, inspiring, expensive but thoroughly groundbreaking Tokyo Disney Sea which opened shortly after, and it was a clear misstep and an embarrassment.  

Thought they'd fool the guests, but the guests were too smart to be taken for a ride. Pun intended. Years later, after a Billion plus dollars in investment, the park finally feels like a Disney theme park and not Six Flags. Will they ruin it with Marvel? Perhaps. But it will most certainly be better in every way than it was in 2001. 

(Art copyright The Walt Disney Company.)

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