July 27, 2017

The Failure and Relaunch of Mission:Space- and What Could Have Been

Today, Disney officially but not outright acknowledges the failure of Mission: Space in its original incarnation. The plan to duplicate the attraction at Disneyland and at other parks has long fallen by the wayside as the first simulator never really took off with park guests. I've done both versions, and there's a reason many park guests avoid the more intense side.

Epcot has long had and needed an attraction focusing on the space race and travel to other planets. 

Spaceship Earth, part of the original EPCOT Center, once ended with a spectacular finale as riders descended down the track to complete their journey into the sphere. All without the gimmick of putting your cartoon version in it.

Amazing in full size. Click on it!

The original plan for a Space pavilion promised a flight to outer space and not just a simulation. Look at this concept art and dream. Expensive and unbuilt- like many abandoned projects left on the drawing boards.

Looks cool, right?

Even cooler!

But back to present day. By making the "Green" mission now available for smaller children, it is a win-win. A bit of Soarin' in a new format. And it will certainly be needed as the long to be revitalized Universe of Energy aka Ellen's Energy Adventure is closed and put to rest. The more intense "Orange" version will stay the same but with new imagery to drive the story. Although it's not what could have been, I must say I like the plan. 

(Art copyright The Walt Disney Company.)


Jim Rohrich said...


Thank you for posting this, and your other EPCOT stories. Love reading them. I was an EPCOT junkie in the early 1990s... went to DisneyWorld 4 or 5 times between 1990 and 1992. Always visited EPCOT (favorite attraction was Horizons - RIP). I haven't visited DisneyWorld since as it is nothing more than carnival act to see how many Disney IP's the suits can cram in. I may visit the Avatar attraction and Star Wars, we'll see. Anyway, please keep up the good work.

Mark Taft said...

EPCOT Center was amazing! I agree! Thank you for reading. Come back October 1...