June 30, 2017

The Columbia Sails Again!

Heading for the water again! Actually instead of the Hawaiian Islands as recent posts, this time we're headed for landlocked Disneyland and the Rivers of America

With the river soon to reopen for all watercraft in July, it seemed only appropriate to showcase these two rather rare pieces of Imagineering concept art. 

The top piece is by famed Imagineer Sam McKim. Known for his artwork that brought the park's Frontierland to center stage, this really lovely rendering of the majestic Sailing Ship Columbia captures the excitement and energy of the famous American vessel, giving guests a taste of what it was like to sail aboard her 200+ years ago.

The next piece is by Herb Ryman, one of my favorite artists at Imagineering. His work can be found for many of the parks, and some of his best pieces depict EPCOT Center. This piece, though simple in comparison to those, still successfully conveys what Walt Disney and his team hoped to build for the new park in Anaheim.

Once aboard the Columbia and the Mark Twain Steamboat, Disneyland guests not only enjoy a bit of a break on the river as it rounds Tom Sawyer Island, but they also get a slice of our history as well. Celebrating America and her hard earned values of faith, freedom, and family is something I've always loved about the original Disney park- and it's something the current leaders are moving farther from in the Stateside parks the longer Walt has been gone. Such a shame!

(Art copyright The Walt Disney Company.)

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Len Yokoyama said...

Love these postings that share valuable "insight" into Disney's park history!