June 14, 2017

New Disneyland Map with Star Wars Land

Here's something we've all been waiting for the Disney Imagineers to give us: a new park map of Disneyland with Star Wars Land included. Well, they haven't done that yet, but here's the next best thing: a fan made made that's pretty darn good. All designed from AbleToArt. If you want to watch it being drawn- and I did- give it a watch here.


enoels said...

Working on a special project and saw the Toad portraits you posted on http://insightsandsounds.blogspot.com/2014/04/disneyland-paris-at-22-theme-park-as_12.html. Any chance you have higher resolution images? (Feel free to email me.)

Mark Taft said...

Unfortunately, those are the largest I have. Thanks for reading!