June 7, 2017

Do We Hate the Sin That Destroys Us?

This is the question I am wrestling with today. Tonight actually, as I've been up for a couple of hours. 

The very things I am tempted by have the power to bring me to the destruction of myself. It's the same for you as well, isn't it? Don't agree? Just give it some thought, and you will see this is truth. If you cannot see this in yourself yet, then look deeply into the lives of people you know. Then look at yourself once more.

Pride, hate, lust, the need to control, all of it. Anything evil has the power to take us down paths we never wanted to travel- and we risk losing all the good gifts if we go there. That is why God hates sin. It's because of His great love for us that He warns us to stay clear of it. 

But do I hate sin in my life? Or do I just play with it, dabbling in it, thinking it will never conquer me. But then I indulge. It always looks like its worth it until I have to live with the results of my choices. If nothing else, I have to live with the truth that I've blown it. Foolish man that I am. 

Makes me think of Paul's famous discourse in the book of Romans, chapter 7. More thoughts later...

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