April 8, 2017

Just Around the Riverbend

Disneyland's Rivers of America and the reimagining of the farthest part of the riverbend is in the midst of its renaissance. This great photo from the always terrific Disney Geek, gives a great up close look of the almost finished product.

Right behind that forest and rock formation is the new Star Wars Land under construction. Looks like the Imagineers have done a pretty good job of maintaining the integrity of the river even if they had to shoehorn Star Wars here instead of in the third Anaheim Disney park where it belonged. 

Here's a slice of the concept art. Looks pretty good with the Mark Twain Steamboat rounding the bend of Tom Sawyer Island. And I've heard there's a hat tip to the original Mine Train Thru Nature's Wonderland for those riding the Disneyland Railroad

All in all, count me impressed so far. Very different than how they've incorporated Guardians of the Galaxy into Hollywoodland and Buena Vista Street at California Adventure!

(Photograph copyright Disney Geek. Art copyright The Walt Disney Company.)

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