November 10, 2016

Divided We Fall

Alright folks- let's talk politics. You've read my previous post on the election day. It still holds. But let me share with you a few other pieces I found that are excellently written and make great points to ponder.

Found on Facebook by one of my family members:

"1) Remember when everyone who didn't want Obama in office thought the world was going to end in 2008/2012? It didn't. Same thing goes for this election. Life goes on. We'll endure and make it through these four years.
2) Calling a group of 59 million+ people racist, sexist, KKK supporters, uneducated, etc is unbelievably ignorant. There are other legitimate reasons people may have chosen to vote for Trump over Clinton, but grouping them all together under these terms goes exactly against the very motto the Democratic Party has been pushing these last few months: "Love Trumps Hate." So stop spreading more hate.
3) Just because I am glad Clinton lost doesn't mean I am happy about Trump winning.
If #2 specifically seems like something you absolutely can't stop doing or get your mind around as a Democrat who just watched Clinton lose, I would honestly love to have an open and honest discussion with you to try and help you see that there can be good in people you disagree with, and that we do need to come together as a country."

As expected, lots of articles are being written about a Trump Presidency. A link to the best one, one explaining why a large group of Christians could vote for a guy like Trump is below. Catch it before it disappears off USA Today. It's just too objective to last for long in a news format that is losing its balance on reporting vs. propaganda. 

Best article so far. (11/11/16- and another one!)

Regardless, we need to work together as a country, and we need to pray for it. The world is watching. Will democracy fail because the extreme liberal left is angry about the results? I hope not.


Alain Littaye said...

Mark, democracy will not fail because the extreme liberal left is pissed about the results, but because Trump is simply going to destroy it if he needs it to to put in place his agenda and maintain his power. He's a man who at more than 70 still has not transcended his ego and don't have any intention to do it. Trump don't believe in God, he believes only in Trump, there is nothing else for him except him. He's SICK, it's just as simple as that.

Mark Taft said...

Alain, I do not like Trump, as I made that clear a few posts ago. So we agree. That said, I find Hillary Clinton is also evil- and the very same things you said about Trump also apply to her: huge ego, service all about her, etc. I think she is sick as well, actually. The saddest part is these two candidates were the best we Americans could offer our citizens? Disgusting. I am sad about it all.
Will we survive it? Of course we will! We survived years of Bush, Clinton, and Obama- we will survive this as well.

I hope you are well and am so enjoying your continued posts on the Disney and More site. Blessings to you this holiday season!