October 31, 2015

Decapitating Heads

The scariest of all Halloween activities! Is it found in the Haunted Mansion? Phantom Manor? Mystic Manor? What have the Imagineers cooked up?

No, the scariest, most frightening activity is not found at any Disney park. 

A Texas doctor talks about the process of removing heads from patients. This is something you find straight out of horror movies, and yet backers of Planned Parenthood continue to boast about what they do and call it good. Have we become that unsensitized to the value of human life? I guess so. 

What makes this any less gruesome than the Nazi experiments on human beings or members or ISIS decapitating Christians in the Middle East? One thing- these are helpless children- and we continue to justify it all. It's just like the ancient peoples who followed false gods and threw their children into fire as a sacrifice. We are very bit as barbaric and mislead. All under the guise of modern "wisdom". In reality, that should really scare us!

(Art copyright The Walt Disney Company.)

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