August 5, 2015

Making a Splash in Tokyo

While I'm busy wasting my time today, I ran across this great but bizarre piece of concept art for Tokyo Disneyland's Splash Mountain. (It's great on a small scale but even better when you click on it to enlarge it.)

This strange piece is actually wonderful in detail. I mean, how often do you see Imagineering concept art that places the object in the Autumn season? (Or Elvis for that matter?) This little slice of Critter Country in Japan is just another reminder of how every little thing is so well cared for in the Land of the Rising Sun. Much more than in Florida and even California! Don't believe me? Look up a ride video for Splash Mountain in Tokyo. Every effect works, the attraction seems freshly painted, and it all works just so. Almost as if Walt Disney himself was around to make sure.

(Art copyright The Walt Disney Company.)


Eric Scales said...

But did you find Elvis in the painting?

Mark Taft said...

No- where?!?