August 7, 2015

Imagineer Joe Rohde at Aulani

Imagineer extraordinaire Joe Rohde enjoying his personal cup of joe at Disney's Aulani Resort in Hawaii. The man is an incredible artist and lover of nature- and it shows in his work. Be it Disney's Animal Kingdom- his masterpiece- or the Hawaiian resort, the guy just intuitively knows how to translate the natural and exotic into the commercial.

My friend Len Yokoyama captured these shots of Joe back during Aulani's opening. Thanks, Len, for sharing them with us!

(Photographs copyright Len Yokoyama.)


Len said...

Man, I haven't had a chance to stop by your wonderful blog for the last couple of weeks! Glad you could use the photos Mark...anything to help give something back for all the wonderful stories and insights you've shared with us throughout the years! Going to hit your other posts now...

Mark Taft said...

You bet! Glad for the gift! The newer Aulani photos will come soon- probably next week. Thanks again.