July 10, 2015

New Shanghai Disneyland Art for Fantasyland

Want a first look at the art for Shanghai Disneyland's Fantasyland? Look no further!

This is a pretty sweet piece of Imagineering art for the first (and maybe only) Mainland China Magic Kingdom. The designers have clearly taken a slight more realistic approach than what they've done in the past. Perhaps this is because the look of Europe and its medieval villages is so far removed and thereby so exotic to the Chinese. 

Regardless, it's nice to see something. Rumor has it, more is coming soon. My bet is this piece is showing the entrance to Peter Pan's Flight on the far left end. (Did you happen to read my piece on the history of this great dark ride? It's filled with some great pieces and one of the never built Peter Pan area for Tokyo Disneyland. Take a look here.)

Ok, there's more art for Shanghai Fantasyland. Just go to the great Disney and More face book page or website (where I found this one!) for one more rendering. You just can't beat my friend Alain Littaye for getting us the scoop on so much so quickly!

(Art copyright The Walt Disney Company.)

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