July 30, 2015

Grizzly River Run

Among the few successes at the brand new California Adventure park that arrived in 2001 was this white water rapids thrill ride, Grizzly River Run. Instantly, it became the best themed, most beautiful circular raft ride ever found in an amusement park- even without any Audio-Animatronic characters. Seeing the centerpiece attraction on par with Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, more was expected  Fans were quick to praise the attraction and equally quick to express their dismay of no robotics.

As it stands, Grizzly River Run is an incredible ride for those who love the white water type attractions. It's worth one ride during the day and another at dusk when the park takes on a whole new look with the lights of Paradise Pier in the background.

Now that Grizzly Peak Airfield is complete, and Condor Flats is history, its time to once again encourage the Imagineers to add some classic animal characters to the attraction. In effect, this will take the ride from a "California Adventure E Ticket circa 2001" into an "E Ticket" attraction worthy of its designation in any Disney park. It's the little things, the great details, that can take an attraction from ok to great, don't you think?

(Art copyright The Walt Disney Company.)

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