July 14, 2015

First Look: Shanghai Disneyland's Roaring Rapids

Hot off the press- the Walt Disney Company releases concept art for Shanghai Disneyland. Of notable interest is this first release of Imagineering concept art for Roaring Mountain and its Roaring Rapids dinosaur  (or is it a dragon) focused attraction.

Is it a dragon that menaces riders?

Or is it a dinosaur?

The mountain itself and the whole area looks incredible. Inside this rapid raft adventure (think California Adventure's Grizzly Rapids on a grander scale) guests will come face to face with this monster. Is it a dinosaur as was suggested earlier in the planning stage? Or is it a dragon, as the model above suggests, which would be more in line with Chinese legend and lore? Either way, the monster is huge!

The press release states: "Adventure Isle will immerse guests in a newly discovered lost world, filled with hidden treasures and a chance to explore its mysteries. The mighty Roaring Mountain will tower over guests and beckon them on their journey. Guests can blaze their own trails at Camp Discovery, travel around the world on Soaring over the Horizon, or embark on the thrilling rafting adventure Roaring Rapids, straight through the heart of Adventure Isle. There they discover the underworld realm of a mysterious, fearsome creature."

In looking at the concept art and the models over and over, Adventure Isle looks to be one exciting and memorable series of attractions for this very unique Magic Kingdom. Count me in as one who is very impressed by this presentation. Let's hope reality does not disappoint!

More to come!

(Concept art copyright The Walt Disney Company.)

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